Mourning a Citizen: 2016

Aldo Ricciardi lost his battle with an incurable illness and died on February 24, 2016; Campodipietra paid hommage, love and respect to their very beloved citizen.

By his passing, the stupendous page of our Campopietrese folklore faded away. There are yet today many Campopietresi men and women, in the Homeland and abroad, who feel proud to have participated, during the sixties, in the «Gruppo folcloristico» created and directed by him with passion and with a strong sense of professionalism.

The notes of his choir « Gli amici del fiume » echoed into Canada, where twice Aldo came with his group to establish nostalgic contacts between the Homeland and her children abroad. With his passing from earth to heaven, Campodipietra has lost a poet, a singer-songwriter and a worthy exponent of his art.

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