Molisano 2005

One of Montreal hotels, nationally and internationally recognized, is undoubtedly the Auberge Universel, and co-owner was our fellow campopietrese Giuseppe D'Agata.

It goes without saying that Joe has always had a particular attention for our annual banquet in the famous reception halls of the Auberge Universel. He always gave us the same preferential treatment as a caterer at our annual picnic of August in honor of Saint Michele Arcangelo at (La Chapelle de la Reparation).

In 2005 the Associazione Culturale di Campodipietra a Montreal proposed him to the Federazione delle Associazioni Molisane del Quebec as "Molisano dell'anno". We wanted to honor him as an experienced entrepreneur, accomplished immigrant and especially honor his generosity and solidarity with the natives of his hometown.

In November 2005, at the annual gala of the Federazione delle Associazioni Molisane del Quebec, Giuseppe D'Agata was appointed "Molisano dell'anno". Born in Campodipietra in 1949, he immigrated to Montreal in 1963, where he began his career with his uncle Domenico who owned the restaurant "Via Veneto", then continued his career at Buffet Durante and then became co-owner of the Auberge Universel. Unfortunately, in 2008, he left us after years of struggle against an incurable disease.

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