The Millenium

Campodipietra certainly has its 1000 years of long-lived glory: its name, in fact, appears written for the first time in history in 1022, when Arrigo lo Zoppo, coming down to Italy to fight the Byzantines, made a stopover in our village. And the village secular foundation is witnessed by an oak twig in its coat of arms, where the other of laurel confirms glorius its presence in noble Molise.

Celebrating the milestone of its MILLENNIUM we take a cue to underscore that, consequently, the laying of the first stone of its homes must go back to somewhat earlier in time and, perhaps, well ahead of the year 1000.

We are recording it in this social culture page of th.e Campodipietra website in Montreal to ensure our unity of spirit in the celebrations organized for the occasion by our fellow villagers who reside in our hometown!

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