Campodipietra - Immigration to Canada

The first Campopietrese immigrated in Montreal in 1890, the beloved Dominico Lombardi (according to the old sayings).

In 1905 three young people aged between 15 and 16 : Giovanni Francalangia, Vincenzo Cefaratti and Giuseppe Mancini (Peppucce Cosavecchia) arrived in Canada after fleeing the injustices of the duca Japoce, aboard a ship on which they had embarked illegally.

The mass of the campopietrese who immigrated to Montreal arrived between the 1950 and 1960. Among the mass of immigrants there were and there still are founders of the Associazione Culturale di Campodipietra a Montreal, who intends to convey to young people's pride and honor of its origins.

About our origins, we seek to discover those names of family campopietresi that are here now, and are part of our daily lives.

Here are some according to the historian Francesco Rossi:
In 1522 Ioanne Petrecchia, Biase di Cristofano, Ioanne Del Conti, Ioanne de Pilla, Pascale De Maio, Jacopo de Cicco, Angelo of Mariano Ansaleo, Cero of Rugiero, Angelo de Benedicto, Stefano Mangino, Donato Colasanti, Vito Pascivento, Cola Maczarano, Antuono Pasciventre, Donato Mariano de Cola Rosa, Ioanne de Martino, Antuono Colasanti alias Pilla, Guglielmo Santarello, Alessandro detto Fauziello, Angelo di Domenico detto GrossoDominico detto Ciarlozzo, Pietro Scricca, Antuono Ciarufo, Antuono of Mastro Martino.

Over the years there are family names which have changed and others where added.

In 1658: Porzia Cesarotto vedova Angeloni, Criscento di Criscento, Antonio Avirro, Domenico Ricciardo, Giuseppe di Micco, Carulo Barile, Maruccia Antonaccio, F rancesca vedova di Gio di Luca, Iacono di Maio, Mariano Bruno, Jacopo Palmiero, Angelo D'Agata, Noè Pavento, Angela Rossi, Domenico Carlone, Bernardino Carriero, Francesco Lamenta, Angela di Santo, Ioanne D'Agata alias Ritone, Carlo di Cocco, Giambattista Perrotta, Ippolita Chiovitto, Nardo Mancini, Don Cosmo Rossi, Rosa della Petrella, Donato of Attellis married to Domenica Ianitri and his brother Marco married to Laura Lamenta.

Secular and ancient surnames of popular campopietrese families still continue to preserve and honor among old and new generations these surnames even overseas.


Domenico Di Maio

To this day, of the Campopietresi residing in Montreal, the oldest person is Elena Fiorillo, born exactly on 12 June 1922 in Montagano, in the province of Campobasso, from Nunzia Muccino and Gaetano Fiorillo. Asking her how she met her husband Domenico D'Attellis, she replied: "But I went to Campodipietra because my brother Giovanni practiced the profession of doctor there"; and the memory of this good doctor still lives in the hearts of his fellow countrymen overseas.
Elena and Domenico, therefore, meet in Campodipietra, they like each other and in 1951 they get married, but not with a bond of union as Domenico has to leave for Canada and it was not known how it would end up...! Meanwhile Domenico leaves on board the Ellas, makes the transatlantic crossing, comes to settle in Montreal and in 1952 immediately recalls Elena to seal their commitments as husband and wife which will see them together happily ever after for years and years.
Unfortunately, Elena's first pregnancy results in the birth of a stillborn daughter; five years later, however, the joy of motherhood enlivens their hearth with the birth of a child who is given the name of Nicola Paolo, who naturally becomes the pride and joy of mother Elena and father Domenico. After a few years of engineering he was admitted to medical school as he had always intended, also to honor the footsteps of his uncle Giovanni.
Elena, the current grandmother of the Campopietresi living in Montreal, worked with commitment, and with the satisfaction of the employers, at the Barakett Press; butabove all, together with her husband known as "the teacher", she gave valid support to the cultural values of the Motherland both as an educator at the Pompeii school and as a teacher of Italian language and culture at the Saturday morning Italian courses organized by the PICAI. Allow me to underline that Elena is completely autonomous and that she lives and does everything by herself; and she is still so clear of mind and memory that she gave me all this information personally during a pleasant conversation lasting almost an hour: and then it is worthwhile that God keeps her among us for many more years!

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