Campodipietra - Historical Notes

Campodipietra is located about 9 km from Campobasso, a small village in Molise, 500 m below sea level. Its founding date is unknown, but it is certainly prior to the year 1000. Its name comes from the latin "campus" (a small centre) was also nicknamed "of petra" because of the Contrata Marchisi , where was found a burial stone with engravings of a man and a woman, thus was added...(of stone). In a world of changes and transformations it is easy to imagine how Campus-petra is now named Campodipietra!

Something of its past, it is easy to do the interpretation of his coat of arms. There are two dungeons of Castle and three stars in a Blue Shield surmounted by a Crown and a branch of oak and Laurel on the coasts. It was one of the small village of the region in the Apennine mountains controlled to the whims and wishes of "signorotti" who owned these lands during the medieval ages and even after.

To keep a good memory of Claudia Carafa for having treated his peasants with great leniency, the "mulino della duchessa" was a good testimony in her honnor. The last Duke of Campodipietra was duca Japoce, in late 1800 early 1900.

Like many other Italy village, our village was mainly farmland and beautiful countryside, but it also had lot charm, history and royalty.

The old city of Campodipietra was accesable through 4 gateways:
Porta delli Giulii (Fosso a Monte), Porta della terra, Porta del ponte and Porta di Santa Maria (Fosso a Basso).

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