Founders of the Association

It was September 13, 1971 while in the dynamic mind of our campopietrese Lino Lamenta arose the idea of creating an association in Montreal for all immigrant residents of his hometown in Montreal.

Our dear Lino was anxious to find partners to help achieve this dream. He managed to interest Giuseppe Cefaratti (deceased), Michele Perrotta, Francesco Lamenta, Michele Lamenta (deceased) and finally Angelo Di Maio. It is with these five that Lino initiated his dream and the future Associazione Culturale di Campodipietra a Montreal.

Although registration of this Association was not established until February 1974, meanwhile the founding members organized activities to keep the unity of all citizens, keeping them informed of news and activities of their village, and facilitate the integration into the new society.

Now the goals are to prepare in order that this mission or dream can continue from generation to generation.

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