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Dear campopietresi and youth campopietresi, here we openly prompt you to interact and establish a clear and informative discussion on the path of our community in Canada. Occasionally there will be a topic where everyone may intervene in order to express or share ideas and knowledge about it. As already mentioned the topics of discussion, we will focus on our history and our active presence in the cosmopolitan society of Montreal. Of course, we will propose subjects principally which may become a history for the young ones and all that may be of interest to keep them on the path of our ancestors, to let them know Campodipietra and its people. We hope that our on-line FORUM will always have diligent readers and active participants, we open the doors, by giving everyone a warm WELCOME!

P.S.We recommend the use of Italian (for obvious reasons), however, if you prefer to write in French or English, you may do so. The goal is to understand and communicate. We would like you to maintain the conversation within the subject topics.

The use of a respectful language is required in accordance with our traditions and proper manners.

Your e-mail for privacy reasons, will not be published nor disclosed to third parties.


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