Feast of St. Michael 2019

Even the picnic in honor of St. Michael the Archangel, this one on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of our Cultural Association of Campodipietra in Montreal, took place in harmonious serenity benefiting also from a beautiful summer day.

Bearing in mind that the statue of our patron saint, commissioned from « L'Arte sacra » of Bolzano, arrived in Montreal on the 31st of August 1980, this is the 39th festival we celebrate under its protection.

To ensure a worthy passage of witness, on the path of our devotion to the Saint, the ritual "Supplication to Saint Michael" echoed the "prayer of the young" read precisely by Margherita Panzera, a young lady of Campopietra origin.

We underline the satisfactory participation of members, fellow villagers and supporters at our annual picnic. This participation is increasing every year more and more, perhaps thanks to the dynamism of the executive committee members, as well as for the succulent lunch offered and served by them.

The board of directors, under the chairmanship of Nancy Spineti and awaiting the annual banquet on November 9th 2019, gives a heartfelt thanks to all those who have honoured our village feast, and invites them to make an appointment for next year again at la Chapelle de la Réparation in Pointe aux Trembles and always on the second Sunday of August.

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