Annual Banquet 2013

From 1981 to 1983, scholarships were generously awarded to students whose parents were members of the Associazione Culturale di Campodipietra. After thirty years, the Administrative Committee has reintroduced this initiative in order to acknowledge the academic achievement and diligence of young adults of Campopietrese origin.

This year, two deserving university students both merited $1000 scholarships.

Kelly Guy, a third year McGill University student and daughter of Daniel Guy and Linda Mancini, merited the first scholarship on behalf of the Associazione Culturale.

The generous Benito Mariano Junior awarded the second scholarship to Michele Pompa, a third year Concordia University student and son of Paolo Pompa and Elena Paventi.

The Associazione would like to thank the members of the jury: Professors Carlo D’Avirro, Antonio Mancini and Luigi Mariano; as well as Mr. Benito Mariano Junior, for their tireless efforts in recognizing and promoting the students’ academic success. Upon receiving their awards, both Kelly and Michele expressed their gratitude in spoken Italian and shared their pride in being Canadian-Italians.

This year the annual banquet took place on Saturday, November 9th at the luxurious Buffet Le Rizz, where the lively DJ Prestige kept guests of all ages entertained and on the dance floor! We would like to thank our generous sponsors for the numerous prizes raffled away; some of which included a plasma television, a digital camera, and a beautiful oil painting by the talented Michelina Massa. This is the second year Signora Massa has donated her artwork for the banquet, this time depicting a lane found in Campodipietra.

The Committee would like to thank all the compaesani and friends for the tremendous success of this year's banquet and for the excellent turnout of nearly 230 guests. We hope to see you all next year for the 40th anniversary of the Associazione Culturale di Campodipietra a Montreal's 2014 banquet!

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