Annual Banquet 2011

Organized by Associazione Culturale di Campodipietra a Montreal, this year's annual banquet was held November 5, 2011 at Buffet Le Rizz, it coincided with the 150th of the Unification of Italy.

Many important details have marked this banquet between members and sympathizers.

The evening was hosted by DJ Prestige, at the opening of the hall guests could see the photo album of all streets and alleys (strade, vicoli) of Campodipietra. We had a guest of honor; Nadia Ricci the young singer from Campodipietra, winner of Superfantastico CFMB 2011. She performed the song, which allowed her to win the contest held at Places des Arts, "La voce del silenzio" she also demonstrated her talents by singing one of her creations "Poiché", dedicated to her mother. Nadia with her tone of voice very powerful and well-balanced captivated the attention of the guests. If the great Italian singer Mina had been with us certainly would have requested a "standing ovation" for Nadia. Our Association wanted to celebrate this event by offering a commemorative plaque and a bouquet of flowers in appreciation and pride for her representation and for the honor it gives us as campopietresi.

Since the presence of young people is growing in our social activities, this year the Association has seen fit to pamper even the little children aged 12 years and less; all the little ones participated in the game of a musical chair and were rewarded for their performence, this activity also allowed guests to bring a moment of attention and stimulation for this new generation.

Again this year, the gift table was well filled with the support of several sponsors, we aroused the enthusiasm of our participants who were interested in a painting by Joanne Egglefield representing a street in our hometown. Luck has smiled on Mr. Carlo D'Avirro, one of our hometown citizen. In Montréal he is well known, for several years he was counselor at the Program Education Language of Origin (PELO) PICAI and the School Board of Greater Montreal.

"Dulcis in fundo" our last surprise of the evening, the official announcement of our website:

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