Saint Michael 2023: the recovery

Where were we, campopietresi, when the Covid19 came to give that solemn whack on humanity's shoulder, now gone down in history as "the pandemic"? We had participated at the annual banquet on November 9th, 2019: just in time to underline the 45th anniversary of the foundation of our association; and then, immediately after, interrupting the usual community activities for three years, due to the infamous Coronavirus. A full three years without human contact, without outpourings of affection and sympathy of a usual " town fellowship ".

Meanwhile, here we are now almost "reborn" at a village fraternization with the feast of the patron Saint, St. Michael the Archangel. Unfortunately, when observing the faithful gathered for holy mass, the heart was softly touched by the lack of the many fellow town folks torn from the affection of relatives and friends by the disconcerting disease, not yet completely defeated. We are under the protective wing of the Archangel St. Michael: it is reassuring for us to resume the associative journey safe and certain that our beloved Saint has escorted their souls into the presence of God.

Also to greet in silence those who are no longer with us, this year the Committee limited itself to the celebration of Holy Mass followed by the procession with the banner of the Saint on August 13th at the Chapelle de la Reparation. Meanwhile, taking advantage of the good weather, many of us stayed in the park both for a picnic and above all for a renewed fellowship to resume those human and emotional contacts that the virus had forced us to "keep at bay"!

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